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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

(I really can't even think of a title here)

Last Friday I was going to write a post all about how, as of February 17, I'd had only two dollars left for the rest of the month, and about how I was determined to make it last, and about how I was actually quite successful in this endeavor, and when around rolled February 29, the last day of the month, I, having just passed go, next month's paycheck in hand, decided I'd better go spend those two dollars.  

(Except one was sitting in my dresser... it had been in my pocket, and I took it out just before sending it to its death in the washing machine - wouldn't that have been a tragic way to spend half of the remainder of my money for the month!?  and it never made it back to my wallet.)  

So on my way home from work, I swung by Whole Foods, thinking I might take my one dollar and buy, like, a can of beans, or perhaps some bulk popcorn.  I wandered around the store for a while, clutching my dollar, wondering what on earth I was interested in eating that could be worthy of my two weeks of careful saving, when I happened upon the olive bar.  Aha, I'd thought, this is what I want, I want olives!  I took one of the little tester cups and tested one, and indeed, it was a very good olive (feta cheese stuffed!), but testing the olive helped me to realize that I didn't want olives, I wanted one olive, and there, I had just had one.  So I left Whole Foods, still clutching my dollar.  Didn't even go back for bulk popcorn.

I never did get around to writing about it - busy weekend, you know.  But today I spent that dollar, plus the one I'd left on my dresser, plus a couple more from the new paycheck, on some toothpaste. 

That's pretty much the end of this story. 


Anonymous said...

do you need a care package? when we come to visit we'll splurge and get you all the olives you want :) and also, money laundering is a thing.

Caitlin Heller said...

WOAH im coming to visit soon.

just thought i'd add that

and im taking you out to dinner. maybe not a $300 dinner, but dinner none the less.

<3 you!!! SEE YOU IN A WEEK