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Saturday, March 29, 2008

workin' out

I recently joined a gym: the Washington DC Jewish Community Center.  Yep, the Jewish Community Center - the JCC, as we like to call it, or even just "the J", if the two of you are tight - has a gym, and a very nice one, at that.  Apparently Jews are concerned with keeping their people in good health, and hey, I'm 1/8 Jewish, so what the heck!  I signed up.  The nicest part of it all is that I get a free membership because I volunteer there every Tuesday evening for a couple hours.  It's a good deal.

Here are some reasons why I love my gym: 
1. They have a rowing machine
2. They have a nice view of the Carnegie Institute just down the street
3. It's almost never really crowded
4. You have a choice between "Cold" and "Ambient" water from the little water machine (I usually do a careful mix of the two)
5. There is a sign hanging in the main exercise room that reads "Absolutely No Freelance Personal Training."  God, I hate freelance personal training.  So glad to see they're on top of it. 
6. There's always at least one TV with the Home and Garden channel on.
7. You can buy fresh challah in the lobby.
7. It's close to my house.

Here are some reasons why my gym reminds me of "The Nanny":
1. On the sign in the elevator advertising their spring and summer league sports teams for young adults, they mentioned that several people have met their future spouses on a JCC sports team.
2. That's really the only reason.

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maybe you could change your last name to wasserman