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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Use it three times, make it your own

Once a month, the WEAVE "Teen Team" (I try pretend it has a different name, I think the rest of the "Team" does too) meets to talk about what's going on in our various departments in regards to DC youth. Heather can talk about counseling, Cristina has the in at the courthouse and follows developments in policy for under 18's, Emily knows what's up at the intake centers, and I'm all over the outreach/education side of things.

We start each meeting by talking about what new teen word we learned the last month.

The word for this month was:


Use it in a sentence: I was kinda tired, but they was all really bitin' to get to the party, so we headed out.
Definition: (v.) to be really eager (usually, eager to do something. Like, you wouldn't say, "he was really bitin'," you'd say, "he was really bitin' to...")
Old person from the Midwest definition: chompin' at the bit
(but if you say "chompin' at the bit" to a 14 year old in DC, they look at you like... well, like I'd look at them if I heard them say "bitin'")

See, don't say you never learned anything reading my blog.

In other news, here's where I sit and eat lunch when I eat lunch outside:

It's Lafayette Park.
Yep, I took this picture. And yeah, that's the White House. And the Washington Monument. It just kind of happens to be the closest park to where I work, so if I want to sit on a bench while I eat, this is where I've got to go!
Not bad, hey?


Anonymous said...

I was chompin' at the bit for your new blog entry! :)

Paul said...

Hi Shana,
Okay, I'm diggin' the "word of the day" thing, bitin' sounds like what Gus the dog was doing to my running board as I left Elmer's farm last week, hehe.

Nice view for lunch, keep going back there. Are you having any "West Wing" moments?

Jill said...


Jill said...

who the heck says "bitin' to..."?

Caitlin Heller said...

its been a while. it might be new entry time. <3