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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OMG Caits

I FINALLY got pictures up from Caitie's wonderful visit now over a week ago. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG!?!?! Well, it's not about what I've been doing, it's about what our internet's been doing, or rather, NOT doing, and that would be working.

But now its working. So now they're up. Here. Woohoo!

As you may notice, the photo album has some big blank holes in it, like, lots of trips to Caribou that went seemingly undocumented, and lots of "just got up" pictures that should be part of any photo album but just aren't in this one... oh, and that Chinese place in... Chinatown...

That's because a lot of the pictures are on Caitie's camera. And the pictures on Caitie's camera... somehow... haven't made it to the internet yet...

However, if she puts them up, I will happily post the link on my blog. She's got all the Alexandria pictures, for example, including (my personal favorite) "Caitie passes out on a picnic table at mile 15." Yeah, you've got to see it.

But ok, we had such a great time together. I made her come do all my favorite things with me, things like "eating falafel" and "biking to Alexandria," things I usually do by myself, and it was so much fun to share them with my little sister.

And let me tell you, she totally loved biking in the crisp, early-spring-early-morning DC weather.

So that was that. And it was awesome.

FYI, the social events calendar here is getting full... I've got some extra special visitors coming next week, and then a friend from college a couple weeks after that, and then a friend from Paris about a month after that... (not from Paris, but I met her in Paris...) so if you too would like to pass out on a picnic table at mile 15 or participate in any of the other fun events you saw pictured here, act fast! ;)

The extra special guests, by the way, are my parents. My dad will be making is debut journey post-transplant, and their trip happens to fall on his birthday, his first birthday with new, functioning organs... I don't know about you, but I feel a double pie special coming on... blueberry, and chicken pot. Yum, yum.

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Anonymous said...

a double pie event, and caribou/starbucks every day!! woohoo for new organs! and for visiting my favorite oldest daughter! :)