and then rides all around it on her bike.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

... and then there's the list of reasons why my job is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS

#89,153: I got a voicemail from an "Officer Simpson" about scheduling a program for the youth group at her church, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Baby Jesus Baptist Church of God in Christ, etc etc, but when I returned her call, she said she couldn't talk because she had someone on lockdown, but she'd be sure to call me back later.

#89,154: My supervisor and I were supposed to meet this morning at 9, but she was late because *someone really important* had some sort of meeting at the Washington Post, and there were (heavily heavily armed) guards on the sidewalks and rooftops, and also, the road was closed.
(Our building is back-to-back with the Washington Post.)
She said heard maybe it was the president of Iran?

Excuses, excuses. Like I haven't heard the old "president of Iran at the Washington Post" line before! Does she think I was born yesterday?!?

Seriously though. Between presidential caravans (with the White House just down the road), controversial foreign leaders visiting the Washington Post, and "suspicious packages" left outside the Planned Parenthood across the street, our block gets closed down a lot. Good thing I walk to work, right?

(Speaking of ridiculous)

P.S. It's been two days and I'm still waiting for Officer Simpson to call back. Must've been one hell of a lockdown!


Paul said...

wow! you are a lot taller than I remembered, must be the mochas? that's a sweet photo, shana.

Anonymous said...

the oldest story in the book . . .

meghan said...

ah, your hair is still really cute :)

Reese said...

Hey - I didn't know the Washington Monument was so small.

Caitlin Heller said...

i totally just looked at your pictures from georgetown and you make me giggle like its my job.