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Thursday, October 25, 2007

... that it's time we're aware...

Right now I'm at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland. It's actually not very far from DC - about an hour by (a very fun) commuter train.

(though what commuter train isn't fun?)

And at this conference, there are people from all all over the country, I mean, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Laramie, Seattle, and even Alaska! ... and among them, one sweet lady from... Dubuque, Iowa.

So of course, I went over and introduced myself, and we got to chatting... she lives up by the John Deere plant but works only about a mile and a half from where I used to live... and we had a good little laugh about what a small world it is, how she didn't think anyone at this big Baltimore conference would've ever even heard of Dubuque, haha.

And then she asked where I was from originally, and I said "outside of Milwaukee"... and then she asked what suburb, and I said "Brookfield," and then she asked, "East or Central?"

She graduated from Central three years before I graduated from East. Her parents live about four miles from where my parents live and she got married at my home church.

So... yeah, that was pretty much the end of my story. Also though, she was wearing leopard-print shoes... apparently they're selling those in Iowa these days... seriously, you're gone for five months and it's like you never even knew the place...


mark said...

you need to write more often, because i find your writing so completely engaging and entertaining. you should write a book or something.

Paul said...

that's too funny! but hey, I ordered Leopard, the computer operating system, coincidence? I think not!

(cue the fantastic amazement music)