and then rides all around it on her bike.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

but then also there was the time...

(a couple nights ago)

... when I spotted a giant cockroach on our kitchen floor, I mean, giant. I mean, I have a bit of a reputation in my house for being the one who can handle bugs, but this was out of even my league. Seriously. Giant. Just sitting there on our kitchen floor.

And Luke, seeing the chance to step it up a bit (and maybe redeem himself from all the other times he's chickened out and cried like a little baby girl?), helped me out by plopping a cup on top of the giant cockroach, sliding a piece of thin cardboard under the cup, taking it out to the back deck, (doing a victory dance/talking some smack), and tossing it over the railing, far far away from our kitchen floor.

And when it was all over, and we were resting from our celebrating, Luke looked down at the cup and said with dismay - "Oh no, I think I broke off a little piece of his antler!"

So as you see, between Luke with his cockroach antlers and David with his singing in the shower, it's quite hard to pick a "most lovable" moment.

I'm currently also loving how last night, late at night, we all played an intense, high-speed game of cards while singing along with Elton John's Greatest Hits, each in our own special way, of course (not all of us were in the St. Olaf Chapel Choir).

God, my roommates are the best.
(This is me and Jill)
(She's lovable too)

(Jill says sometimes she kills bugs too, she just doesn't always feel the need to announce it to us... I don't know why not... )

Meanwhile, my job is SO INSANE, too insane to blog about it right now, because I'm just too swamped. Someday, when I've got my head above water a little more, out of the swamp, I guess, I'll let you know more about it.

... please do not interpret that to mean that I don't still love my job. Because I do. Still.

Also, here are the promised pictures of last week's bicycle adventure.

And just so you can be appropriately impressed, I'm including here a map of the trail. All tolled, I think I clocked about 43 miles that day...

We're still rockin' temps in the 80's here in DC... so maybe I'll get one more bike adventure in before the snow falls... (and don't you even tell me there might not be snowfall...)

We do have a lot of falling leaves though - dying leaves falling from trees that will come back in the spring even, not just dying leaves falling from dying trees, which is most of what we've had since I got here in August. So maybe there's hope for fall yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


mark said...

Hey, that cockroach story reminds me of the time you came to my room and saved me from that evil bat by putting a box over it and sliding a flattened Boo Berry cereal box underneath it. But we didn't break off any of the bat's antlers.

Aaaahhh.... the memories...

KatieBLutheran said...

Glad to hear you're having such a great time! Smush a cockroach for me (as I have been ruthlessly defeating the earwig and asian beetle invaders myself)!

Also, why does Google call it "word verification" when it's just a random string of letters? I'm pretty sure that "uqkwu" isn't a real word.

Paul said...

um, make sure you uncross your fingers before you try to type, it could lead to some serously goofy errors.