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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DC Wildlife, and other things

(for those of you who are from the suburbs, this is a cockroach)

(a big one)

(though we've seen bigger...)

If you didn't totally love that photo, I've got this for you:

Pictures from the heavenly weekend we spent in West Virginia, October 5-7.

Well, it was almost heaven. You know. West Virginia... Blue Ridge Mountains... Shenandoah River...

Seriously, I'm just telling you where we were. For real.

And it looked like this:

See? It's pretty much what heaven looks like. And I would know. I majored in theology.

Also, if you like pictures of "the sun on the water," then you're going to LOVE this album.

That's all for now... coming soon, pictures from my most recent adventure out of the city... and by "soon" I mean, you know, some other time...

OH but we have internet at our house now! So "soon" might actually be sooner than it would have been! (notice how I still failed to commit to any time table... ) ;)

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